CALS StudentsTravel Abroad Spring 2017

January 20, 2017

ISU Students Traveling Abroad this Spring

Agricultural Production, Business and Trade in Australia (March 9-20, 2017)
Sergio Lence, Ebby Luvaga, Marshall McDaniel
Students will analyze production agriculture (a typical farm or ranch), business and trade in Australia and compare them with respect to the U.S.  Pre-departure orientation will familiarize students with the history, culture, politics, geography, soils, agriculture, economy, and trade of Australia.

Integrated Management of Tropical Crops in Costa Rica (March 8-17, 2017)
Barb Clawson, Mark Gleason, Erin Hodgson, Donald Lewis
This program provides an introduction to production of a wide variety of tropical crops (coffee, banana, pineapple, mango, sugar cane, cut flowers, vegetables, papaya, etc.) from the perspective of Costa Rica. The class also explores Costa Rican ecology, history, and culture. Close cooperation with University of Costa Rica faculty allow many unique opportunities during the class visit.

St. John U.S. Virgin Islands - Service Learning (March 9-17, 2017)
Julie Blanchong, Richard Schultz
This service learning trip to the US Virgin Islands will help the USDI National Park Service vegetation management issues on the islands of St.Johns. Students will work with the volunteer coordinators of both the National Park and the Friends of the National Park. The group will also visit Josephine's which is an organic garden on St.John that is working with the National park to develop native plane nurseries around the island.  In addition to the work the students will be doing we will study the native vegetation and wildlife on the interior and the coastal areas of the islands with a focus on invasive plants and animals and the impact of human activity on the natural environment.

Soils and Crops of Costa Rica (March 8-17, 2017)
Lee Burras
Students will visit locations throughout central and northwestern Costa Rica in order to observe tropical soils, tropical crops and their environmental impacts. At each site in-depth discussions will be led by a combination of Costa Rican experts and the ISU faculty.  The group will also visit one of Costa Rica's famous beaches and either go river rafting or complete a rain forest canopy tour.

BREXIT: The British Vote to Exit from the EU . . .History and Possible Outcomes (March 9-19, 2017)
Terry Alexander, Amy Brandau
ISU students will explore the history and government in both Scotland and Great Britain.  The 10 days spent in Edinburgh and London will involve trips to both the Scottish and the British Parliaments and visits to National Museums and other historical sites in Britain, from Roman to modern day. The ultimate goal of the time in Britain is to provide students with an understanding of the complexities of the British culture and the experience of traveling abroad.