Student Services Available

We advise students on travel programs, travel resources, and scholarships.

Faculty Services Available

We provide administrative help in developing and implementing international opportunities (accounting, logistical travel support, meeting university requirements, communicating with international partners, liaison with students, liaison with other university offices like financial aid, registrar, admissions, treasurer).

We also have partial travel grants for initial site visits and/or for group leader expenses during travel courses.


The mission of the CALS study abroad office is to ensure students have high quality international academic opportunities through:

  • support to faculty who develop and integrate these opportunities into their curriculum
  • support to students including advising and guiding them in the pre-trip, trip and post-trip phases
  • scholarships to assist students in paying for these opportunities
  • the establishment of partnerships with universities and other institutions abroad


1.  Be a national leader in study abroad programs in terms of both quantity and quality to enhance students’ ability to work and live successfully in a global society by

  • Increasing the numbers of students who go abroad on all models of programs
  • Cooperating with CELT to enhance the learning experience
  • Keeping program safety as a priority

2.  Maintain the quality service provided to faculty and staff by

  • Encouraging and supporting faculty members in their international endeavors including
    -creating international student programs in their academic and geographical areas of interest and research
    -the application of faculty’s international work in both the field of international education and in their own disciplines
  • Enhancing the flow of information regarding international opportunities available with Agriculture Study Abroad, and promoting these opportunities to faculty and staff, including new or newly interested faculty
  • Working with CALS departments to improve the evaluation and quality of international programs

3.  Globalize the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences by

  • Impacting non-mobile students through
    -Support to faculty in their efforts to bring global themes into the classroom
    -Organizing activities and opportunities for ISU’s US students to interact with international faculty, visitors and students
    -Organizing activities for returned study abroad students to interact with students who have not studied abroad
  • Supporting international curricula through
    -Internship development for the Global Resource Systems major
    -Contributions to courses with global themes

4.  Maintain strong communication with targeted groups to ensure a two-way understanding of what the communities need and what we can provide through enhancing communication with

  • Students
  • Collaborators in CALS
  • Communities outside of CALS (alumni, donors, stakeholders)