Next Stop: Netherlands (CALS Connections)

Iowa State CALS students have hit the jackpot with their next adventure to the Netherlands. The Department of Animal Science is offering a two-week spring travel course to provide students the opportunity to learn more about livestock production, sustainability and animal automation in the Netherlands. The adventure, set to begin May 12, 2019, will also allow students the opportunity to visit historic venues in the Netherlands.

Twenty CALS students are spending this semester in a pre-departure orientation where they are preparing themselves for the trip. Included in the trip this year are visits to dairy, swine and poultry farms and experiencing Amsterdam culture through museum tours and a visit to Wageningen University.

Megan Abeyta, a graduate student in animal science, had the opportunity to visit the Netherlands last spring. “It’s hard to pick just one favorite because all of the stops were great, however, visiting Wageningen University was definitely my favorite experience. It was inspiring for me to see their impressive research facilities, especially the aquaculture unit, and it brought to light some different perspectives on how I might handle my own research as a graduate student here at ISU. Visiting with the Dutch students was also great, and it was a lot of fun interacting with college students in a different country,” said Abeyta.

Study abroad trips give students an opportunity to diversify themselves through experiences with many cultures. Jacob Yarian, a graduate student studying animal science and past program participant, believes study abroad trips are beneficial to students. “In a world increasingly reliant on a global economy and in a country that makes its greatest strides from working cooperatively through our diversity, understanding how we are all connected and appreciating the differences between various countries and peoples allows us to be better equipped to move forward in each of our respective industries,” said Yarian.

For students interested in learning more about the Netherlands trip, information can be found at

*Original story written by Kennedy Core, CALS Connections