Are there scholarships available for studying abroad?

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) sponsored scholarships: When applying for any study abroad program through ISU Abroad, as a CALS student, you will automatically be served information and the link in the ‘learning content’ section. You will be considered for all study abroad sponsorships through this one application. Please note that we are only able to award scholarships when a student is actively enrolled in coursework and are receiving some type of credit.

CALS passport scholarship: If you are a student in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and you have applied for a study abroad program, you are eligible for a scholarship that will reimburse you for the cost of your passport. Bring your new passport to 0018 Curtiss to claim your scholarship.  Please note: This is only for first time travelers, not for passport renewals, only first passports.

Step by Step Guide for Passport Reimbursement

ISU scholarships beyond the college:  Check with your academic department or adviser for study abroad-focused scholarships through your department. Check the university-wide Study Abroad Center for other funding opportunities

Iowa State University Financial Aid Scholarships Available