What are the steps to study abroad?

  • Talk with your Academic Adviser
    • Discuss your academic goals, graduation requirements and study abroad aspirations with your adviser to ensure and see how you can successfully fit study abroad into your academic plan.
  • Research Program Opportunities
    • Visit the CALS Study Abroad Website (www.agstudyabroad.iastate.edu) to review all of the travel opportunities through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Feel free to email our Study Abroad Adviser, Jessica Boertje (jboertje@iastate.edu) with any questions you may have or to schedule a meeting.
  • Visit Our Study Abroad Office (0018 Curtiss)
    • Talk with our Student Travel Consultants or Study Abroad Adviser to discuss more and get answers for any questions you may have. Many students and staff have personally traveled abroad and would love to share their experiences. Our office can also get you in touch with students that have previously traveled on any of the trips that you are inquiring about for more information.
  • Research Funding Opportunities
    • Every study abroad program will have its own expense, but you should be diligent to determine how much your program will cost you. Scholarships and financial aid can help offset the cost. Learn more about our scholarship programs and other financial assistance online or stop by our CALS Study Abroad Office (0018 Curtiss).
  • Choose and Apply for a Program
    • There are many things to consider when choosing a study abroad program, but once you have selected the program that best suites you, all you have to do is apply! The program application can be found by searching on ISUAbroad or click “Apply Now” on the program page on our website.
  • Apply for Your Passport
    • If you are a student in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and you have applied for a study abroad program, you are eligible for a scholarship that will reimburse you for the cost of your first passport. Bring your new passport to 0018 Curtiss to claim your scholarship.
  • Prepare for Your Adventure

Get ready for a life changing experience with study abroad and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences!