Why Study Abroad?

Students that study abroad have the ability to learn about agriculture and life sciences on a new platform and each experience provides students with the unique opportunity to develop skills that will benefit them personally, professionally and academically. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Study Abroad staff is here to make your travel experience seamless. We can help with everything from advising students on programs based on their interest and areas of study, assist students through the application process and ensure that all students feel comfortable and prepared to enjoy their adventure abroad!


  • Become a global citizen while developing your global awareness
  • Gain cross-cultural skills through experiencing new cultures
  • Experience an increased understanding of your own cultural values and biases
  • Make new friends
  • Learn how to become more independent and resourceful
  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Build confidence (whether flying for the first time or meeting new people)


  • Spark an interest in a new career direction OR dive deeper into your current goals
  • Learn and apply technical skills related to your field
  • Network with professionals in your field
  • Build your resume
  • Appeal to employers seeking out culturally aware and internationally experienced employees
  • Become exposed to the unlimited career opportunities
  • Build on your soft skills like communication skills, adaptability, being a team player, problem solving and more


  • Enhance your academic learning outside of the classroom
  • Learn another language OR gain proficiency in a language
  • Expose yourself to new understandings & discoveries in research
  • Research topics unique to the location
  • Earn credits that count towards your degree/major