Advance Registration

Advance registration on the ISU Travel Website is required for employees who plan to travel outside of the continental United States.  Enrollment for the Alert Traveler app and On Call International coverage (also required) will also be completed within this registration process.


AlertTraveler is an app that sends you safety and security alerts for events which could impact you while abroad and helps you make informed decisions while traveling. It also has an instant check-in option so Iowa State can ensure you are safe if there is a major incident in your area. To download the app, go to your ISU Travel Registry profile page and you can have the app and login information sent to your email. By opening the email on your phone it will automatically log you into the app.

AlertTraveler User Guide

On Call International - travel insurance resources

On Call International provides basic and emergency medical insurance and security evacuation services for students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on university business.

Enrollment in the On Call International program is mandatory for ISU international business travelers (faculty, staff, graduate students, postdocs).

**Students on official study abroad programs will be automatically enrolled in On Call International insurance through the Study Abroad Center.

  • Plan information portal
    Portal group ID: 100118CPPD21
    Plan documents, contact and claim forms, pre-trip preparation resources

Spend Authorizations (formerly Travel Authorizations) and Cash Advances (formerly Travel Advance)

A spend authorization before the trip is not required by ISU Accounting.  However, spend authorizations may be required by your immediate supervisor or in accordance with travel policies and procedures established by your department or college. Cash advances (money loaned or "advanced" to an employee for covering travel-related costs) are now requested via the spend authorization.  If a spend authorization is required either to obtain a cash advance or by your department, you can request that a Procurement and Expense Specialist do so on your behalf by sending details and the Cash Advance Authorization Form to and carbon copy (‘cc) Visha Arumugam ( in the CALS Study Abroad office. The Cash Advance Authorization Form has been revised to include the usage of electronic signatures and has a drop-down menu for worktag (PG;DD) selection. All employees can choose to create their own spend authorization in Workday by completing the process in the Expense application on the Workday landing page.

Job Aid: Create Spend Authorization/Cash Advance

Global Cell Phone Program

CALS Study Abroad has a supply of cell phones available for use by program directors during travel courses.  The phones carry a Verizon global service plan and both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy options are available.  CALS Study Abroad will pay monthly service charges; however, usage fees during travel will be charged to the program.  Plan details are as follows:

Phones will be activated and ready to use. A factory reset will be done on all phones upon return to ensure all personal information and data pertaining to a particular user has been deleted before it is transferred to the next user.

Please contact Visha Arumugam approximately 4 weeks before your departure date if you would like to check out a phone and indicate if you prefer a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. We will try to accommodate your preference based on phone availability.

Global Phone Settings:

iPhone Settings:

  1. Go to Settings> Cellular (Cellular data must be on)
  2. Cellular Data Options> Roaming
    1. Switch voice roaming on (green) and data roaming on (green)
  3. Turning International CDMA on (green) when in Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands. For any other country turn International CDMA off (white)
  4. Power the device off and then back on after any changes or entering country/ cruise ship.

Samsung Settings:

  1. Go to Settings> Mobile Networks> Data Roaming Access? Allow for all trips
  2. Go to Settings> Mobile Networks> Networks Mode> LTE-GSM-UMTS then choose automatic

Cellular Guide:

  • Global Support Number: 800-711-8300 (call from within the US)
  • Verizon Global Roaming Hotline: 908-559-4899 (call from outside the US)
  • National: 400 monthly allowance minutes, $.25 per minute over allowance
  • M2M National Unlimited: Unlimited monthly M2M
  • UNL Night & Weekend MIN: Unlimited monthly offpeak
  • UNL Picture/ Video MSG: Unlimited monthly picture & video
  • UNL Text Messaging: Unlimited monthly M2M