Program Director Handbook

Guidelines for Managing Travel Course Finances
CALS Study Abroad

Who's Who in the Office for Global Engagement

Staff contact information and primary responsibilities within the Office for Global Engagement

Vendor Pre-Payments

Processing advance group expenses using p-cards, T&H cards, ISU checks, wire transfers, and professional services agreements

Taking a Family Member?

ISU policies regarding spouses and dependents accompanying faculty on study abroad programs.  Includes the Spouse, Domestic Partner and/or Child Companion Agreement and Liability Release.


What happens before you leave?

Keep Your Trip Expenses Organized

Tools for keeping your travel course expenses organized

  • Expenditure Log
  • Weekly Expense Envelopes
  • Expense Journal with Receipts

Allowable Expenses/Receipts

When are receipts required?  Includes templates for Generic Receipt and Group Meal Allotment Receipt


Information on getting your travel reimbursement processed efficiently
Travel Course Final Report


Tips for making your travel course and reimbursement go smoothly
Top Auditing Errors

Forms Library


Certificate of Missing Receipt

Create Expense Report (formerly Travel Reimbursement) and/or Verify T&H Card Transaction (Workday Job Aid)

Create Spend Authorization (formerly Travel Authorization) or Cash Advance (Workday Job Aid)

Generic Receipt Form (Generic Receipt Form.doc)

Group Meal Allotment Receipt (Group Meal Allotment Receipt.docx)

Program Director Training (pdf with live links)

Sample Expenditure Log (Expenditure Log.doc)

Sample Expense Summary (Sample Expense Summary.xlsx)

Sample Expense Journal with Receipts (Sample Expense Journal with Receipts.docx)

Spouse, Domestic Partner and/or Child Companion Agreement and Liability Release

Travel Course Final Report

Travel and Hospitality (T&H) Card Study Abroad Program Cardholder Agreement