American Farm School-Perrotis College-Thessaloniki, Greece, Spring

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Friday, January 25, 2019 to Saturday, April 20, 2019
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, November 1, 2018

A unique educational experience introducing contemporary academic programs and connecting cultures in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Perrotis College / American Farm School
Perrotis College is the only American-founded Ag/Tech College in Greece offering academic courses in the fields of agro-business, agriculture, environmental studies, entrepreneurship, food science/technology & more! Perrotis College Study Abroad offers students distinguished academics and research opportunities in cutting-edge facilities located on our educational farm.

The beautiful Perrotis College campus at the American Farm School is a dynamic fusion of its historic past and vibrant present. A green oasis surrounded by a semi-urban environment, the college is situated on the eastern edge of Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki.

Known as Athens' co-capital, with an incredible history and rich culture spanning over 2500 years, this port city is famous for its charm and vibrancy as well as its diverse culture. Thessaloniki is full of youthful energy with thousands of university students residing in the area.

As you walk into the city center you realize that you are entering blended worlds: from classical Greek, Byzantine drama, to a modern fast-paced city. Everyone who visits Thessaloniki falls deeply in love with this true heart of Greece for its short distances, personal character, and rocking nightlife!

Studying at the American Farm School/Perrotis College
Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Study opportunities are available.  Internships and research opportunities are also a possibility.

Available Courses
The Greek Cultural Experience, Principles of Precision Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability, Marketing Management, Agrotourism Principles and Practices, Intro to Livestock Sciences, Principles of Food Science, Nutrition and the Consumer, Food Taste and Society, Service Learning, The Greek Palate (Greek Cuisine), Contemporary Nutrition, Agro-Environmental Business Management, and more.

Click here for more information regarding the courses for semester academic study abroad programs

Fall/Spring Term
Duration: 12 weeks
- Room & Board
- Tuition: 4 courses (12 credits)
- Administration Fee
- Local Cultural Excursions
- 3-Day Discovering Athens Trip
- 2-Day Meteora Trip
- 2-Day Mt. Olympus Trip

Optional Activities and Costs
Additional course (3 credits) - $790

Academic Course Descriptions: All classes are taught in English, allowing study abroad students to learn among side our full-time students from Greece and the Balkans. Choose between arrays of courses from our fields of study: Agricultural & Environmental Science, Food Science/Technology and Agro-Business and Food Business Management.

There will be additional out of pocket expenses including air ticket, passport*, personal spending money for incidentals and other travel, transportation around Thessaloniki.

*If you are a first time traveler in CALS and need a passport, click here to find out how you can get the cost of your passport reimbursed

Please see the Budget Sheet above for estimates of these costs.

Contact Jodi Cornell for more information about this program, and the application process.

Anne Dinges, a CALS Student (GRS/Agronomy) is studying at the American Farm School in Greece during the Fall 2017 Semester. 
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Connor Bollum, a CALS Student Travel Consultant, studied at the American Farm School in Greece during the Spring 2017 semester.
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