Institut Polytechnique LaSalle, Beauvais, France, Summer

Type of Travel: 
Program Director(s): 
Departure Date: 
Sunday, May 12, 2019 to Saturday, July 20, 2019
Application Deadline: 
Monday, January 14, 2019

There is one (1) summer program which offers a 4-week on-campus component and an optional 4-week internship.

Summer 2019 Programs

  • Culinary Sciences for Health Benefits: From Field to Plate

Program Cost (for the 4 week on-campus program and optional 4 week internship)

ISU tuition and fees (estimated based on 4 ISU summer tuition credits for the on-campus portion of program only, 4 credits for optional internship-which would increase tuition amount! - may not need to take for credit)

Check here for more detailed ISU tuition and fee amounts

  • 2000 Euros for the 4-week campus program (4 credits) = $2135 (approximately, exchange rate can fluctuate) 
  • 400 Euros for the optional 4-week internship (4 credits) = $430 (approximately, exchange rate can fluctuate)
  • $80 for CISI insurance (approximately $1.31/day) + approximately $100 for personal liability insurance
  • $1000 estimated incidentals if in-country for 8 weeks (depends on your spending habits!)
  • $1600 for airfare (varies)
  • $250 estimated for local transportation

Regarding the 2000 euro fee (or 2400 euro fee including optional internship) to UniLaSalle

Costs include

  • One-way transportation from CDG Airport to UniLaSalle
  • Housing
  • Culinary platform fee
  • Roundtrip transportation from UniLaSalle to work placement location
  • Work placement administration fees.

Not Included

  • Roundtrip travel from country of origin
  • Passport/visa fees
  • Mandatory health and liability
  • Insurance coverage
  • All meals (optional meal plan available at approx.10€/day)
  • Personal expenses (incl. personal travel on long weekends at Ascension and Pentecost (see schedule)
  • Return transportation from UniLaSalle to airport at the end of the program

For more information for the From Field to Plate Program2019_brochure_culinary_sciences_for_health_benefits.pdf

MUST SEE:  Information about LaSalle and Programs

Program Cost Description for Semester Program

  • Students pay ISU tuition and fees (the same that you would if you were on the ISU campus)
  • Room (approximately 450€/month)
  • Board (4€/meal on campus)
  • Bus (20€/month)
  • Books (approximately $200)

Out of Pocket Expenses

  • Supplies and incidentals (approximately $100 per week), including recreational travel, are paid out-of-pocket in-country
  • Airfare ($1300-$1600)
  • Insurance (approximately $200)
  • Passport ($135)
  • Visa


For more information contact Mr. Jodi Cornell or stop by 0018 Curtiss Hall.