U.S. Pacific Islands - Guam and Hawaii

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Guam, Hawaii
Sunday, May 10, 2020 to Sunday, May 24, 2020
Type of Travel: 
Travel Course
Application Deadline: 
Friday, November 1, 2019
Program Director(s): 

Students will learn about the history, culture, agriculture, emergency preparedness, and environment of Guam. The Spanish, Asian, and U.S. influence have shaped the Chamorro Culture in Guam. Students will learn about the island's agriculture and public health systems. Additionally, students will meet with local experts on how climate change may impact Guam's natural habitats and ability to be prepared for natural disasters such as drought and tsunamis. On our way to Guam we will stop in Hawaii for 5 days to meet with Hawaii Public Health Systems and University of Hawaii West Oahu and learn about health disparities.

Informational Meetings

Monday, October 7, 2019
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
0210 Bessey Hall

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
0210 Bessey Hall

Program Goals

  • To gain an appreciation and respect for the rich culture and the importance and value of Pacific Islanders.
  • To learn about the history, culture, public health, emergency preparedness and agriculture of U.S. islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate and understand the culture of Guam and Hawaii and be able to compare and contrast it to Iowa and continental US.
  • Value culture and appreciate the beauty and importance of the U.S. Pacific Islands.
  • Learn about public health systems and health disparities that impact Pacific Islanders.
  • Know the major environmental and emergency preparedness issues in Guam and Hawaii

Participant Selection Criteria

  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must have a valid passport or be willing to get one. Valid passport must be good through August 2020
  • Must be willing to participate in  Spring Semester pre- departure course
  • Students must be able to walk continuously for 3 miles on uneven terrain
  • Students must be willing and able to live in basic conditions with minimal modern conveniences and little to no Internet access
  • Students are expected to be flexible and professional throughout the program

Note: Due to international quarantine restrictions service animals cannot be accommodated on our study abroad programs. For more information, please contact the Iowa State University Student Accessibility Services Office

Course Information

Globe 493X- This course has a pre-departure course component and a travel component. For Pre-departure part of the course, class will meet during the spring semester at a location and time TBD. This course will

  • Set the tone for the program
  • Discuss academic portion
  • Lay out expectations and procedures
  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Cover topics about itinerary, accommodation, meals, safety, health, logistics, travel documents, finances and more.
  • Travel portion of the course will take place during  May 2020

Students must take both the on-campus course and complete the travel component.  

Program Fee*
$4,749.85 (includes roundtrip airfare, lodging, in-country arrangements)

Other Fees*
$105 study abroad administrative fee charged by Study Abroad Center
$20 CISI health insurance and travel assist

*will appear on U-bill

ISU tuition and fess for 3 credits for Globe 493 will be applied as needed.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses
$250 meals and incidentals (souvenirs, toiletries, cell phone fees, vaccines and preventative medications)
$175 Passport and mailing*
$50 Vaccines and preventative medicines

*If you are a first time traveler in CALS and need a passport, click here to find out how you can get the cost of your passport reimbursed (up to $145)


There are study abroad scholarships available through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences study abroad office in 0018 Curtiss Hall. Scholarship application details are served to CALS students in the learning content section of the study abroad program application. Application deadline for Spring term scholarship applications is November 1, 2019.

Other Scholarship Resources

Office Of Students Financial Aid

Affording to go

Iowa State University Student Affairs Scholarships

Application Process
To be considered in the selection process, applicants should have completed the program application in its entirety before the application deadline of November 1, 2019.

  • Once the selection process is complete, you will be notified about the decision
  • If you are accepted to the program you will be required to commit or decline participation
  • Typically you will be given 7 to 10 days with a specific commitment date to finalize your decision

Once you commit to the program, you are officially a participant in the program and will be responsible for all the program cost outlined in the budget. If you withdraw your participation after committing to a program, you will be responsible for all non-refundable payments that were made on your behalf and these charges will be charged to your U-bill.

Tentative Program Itinerary

May 10
Fly to Oahu
Check into hotel

May 11
Meet with University of Hawaii West Oahu faculty that work with health disparities

May 12
Meet with emergency management staff
Polynesian cultural event

May 13
Visit Pearl Harbor site

May 14
Meet with University of Hawaii Manoa Faculty that work with health disparities

May 15
Leave for Guam

May 16
Arrive in Guam (pick up from airport and dropped off at hotel) $150 per night hotel

May 17
Visit South Pacific Memorial Peace Park and Chamorro Village at night

May 18
Meet with maternal/child health staff; sunrise dinner cruise

May 19
Meet with nutrition programs staff that works with schools

May 20
Visit Priest Pools and local markets

May 21
Meet with staff that work on Guam's availability of resources during natural disasters

May 22
Visit Tumon beach and local markets

May 23
Meet with staff from Department of Agriculture that work with farmers

May 24
Return to Iowa