Agricultural Production, Business and Trade in Australia

The course objective is to enhance students' understanding of production and competition in agricultural world markets. Students will analyze production agriculture (a typical farm or ranch), business and trade in Australia and compare them with respect to the USA. Pre-departure orientation will familiarize students with the history, culture, politics, geography, soils, agriculture, economy, and trade of Australia.

German Equestrian Program

Tour the farms and regions of Germany to learn about international opportunities and guide lines in related equestrian events such as jumpers, eventers and western all-around horses. Opportunities include visiting Hanoverian National Stud, Westphalia National Stud, German Equestrian Federation Headquarters and Bavarian western performance horse farms. Cultural visits include Cologne Cathedral, Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and Neuschwanstein Castles in Schwangau, Bavaria. You also will experience sites and tastes of each German town we visit.

U.S. Pacific Islands - Guam and Hawaii

Students will learn about the history, culture, agriculture, emergency preparedness, and environment of Guam. The Spanish, Asian, and U.S. influence have shaped the Chamorro Culture in Guam. Students will learn about the island's agriculture and public health systems. Additionally, students will meet with local experts on how climate change may impact Guam's natural habitats and ability to be prepared for natural disasters such as drought and tsunamis.

Caribbean Marine Biology

Caribbean Marine Biology program is specifically designed to provide students with a unique field marine biology experience. There are no other life science courses that are devoted to marine biology here at Iowa State University. This course serves a unique role in providing students with an exceptional opportunity to experience firsthand a variety of marine environments on the world's second largest barrier reef system.

Agricultural Production and Food Processing in Tunisia

If you are interested in agriculture, food production, food security, global trade, or just love seeing the world, come visit Tunisia. Located in North Africa, Tunisia is a country rich in history, culture, people, and has a very unique agricultural and food sector.

Tunisia is one of the world’s largest exporters of high quality olive oil, as well as dates, olives, and citrus fruits, and horticultural products like tomatoes, melons, artichokes, almonds, grapes, and wine.

BREXIT - History, Political Implications and Possible Outcomes

The Ireland & London trip during Spring Break 2020 will offer an opportunity to explore the history and government in two EU countries, one which is trying to leave the EU.  During class time prior to the trip, students will discuss the history of the European Union, the history of Ireland and the United Kingdom, the vote for exit, and the implications for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Heritage Livestock - United Kingdom

Tour the farms and regions of the United Kingdom to learn about purebred livestock and breed development and to see where many animal breeds originated. Visits to multiple rare breed farm parks will allow students access to more than 25 rare breeds of cattle, pigs, sheep, horses and goats. Additional stops include a visit to Haven Herefords to see the oldest breeding herd of Hereford cattle in the world,  and a visit to Ballindalloch Castle to see the oldest Aberdeen Angus herd in the world.


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