Agricultural Production, Business and Trade in Australia

The course objective is to enhance students' understanding of production and competition in agricultural world markets. Students will analyze production agriculture (a typical farm or ranch), business and trade in Australia and compare them with respect to the USA. Pre-departure orientation will familiarize students with the history, culture, politics, geography, soils, agriculture, economy, and trade of Australia.

Program Goals

Caribbean Marine Biology

Caribbean Marine Biology program is specifically designed to provide students with a unique field marine biology experience. There are no other life science courses that are devoted to marine biology here at Iowa State University. This course serves a unique role in providing students with an exceptional opportunity to experience firsthand a variety of marine environments on the world's second largest barrier reef system.

Business Development Study Trip in Brazil

The objective for this course id for students to develop knowledge and skills in international business development through experiential learning. Students will act as a consulting team for three to four early stage U.S agricultural technology businesses, assessing the market potential for their products in Brazil and creating a roadmap for developing their businesses there. They will interact heavily with the agricultural technology businesses, government and trade organizations, and Brazilian agricultural businesses and farms.

Integrated Management of Tropical Crops - Costa Rica

This program provides an introduction to production of a wide variety of tropical crops (coffee, banana, pineapple, mango, sugar cane, cut flowers, vegetables, papaya, etc.) from the perspective of Costa Rica. The class also explores Costa Rican ecology, history, and culture. Close cooperation with University of Costa Rica faculty allow many unique opportunities during the class visit.

BREXIT: Scotland and England...History, Political Implications and Possible Outcomes

The Edinburgh & London trip during Spring Break 2019 will offer an opportunity to explore the history and government of both Scotland and Great Britain.  Class time prior to the trip will include discussion of the history of the European Union, the history of Britain, the vote by Britain to exit the EU, the implications for Great Britain and the politics around implementing the decision.  

German Equestrian Program

Tour the farms and regions of Germany to learn about international opportunities and guide lines in related equestrian events such as jumpers, eventers and western all-around horses. Opportunities include visiting Hanoverian National Stud, Westphalia National Stud, German Equestrian Federation Headquarters and Bavarian western performance horse farms. Cultural visits include Cologne Cathedral, Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and Neuschwanstein Castles in Schwangau, Bavaria. You also will experience sites and tastes of each German town we visit.

Study of Pork Industry in Japan and Thailand

Program will introduce students to the swine industry in Japan and Thailand, including production systems, feed processing, and meat processing.  Students will witness swine production, business, and trade in Japan and Thailand, and compare them to the U.S.  Students will also visit historical sites and experience the education system, culture, history, political system, and economy of both countries

At the end of the program, students will:


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