Student Highlights

Danielle Youngblut

Major: Agricultural Business & Advertising • Study Abroad Experience: Edinburgh and London

Danielle Youngblut, a Junior from Jesup, Iowa, studying Agricultural Business and Advertising at Iowa State University recently returned from a 2-week travel course to the United Kingdom. Danielle studied in Europe right after high school and was looking for an opportunity to return while she was still in college. During her participation in the Brexit program, Danielle was able to connect with peers and created personal bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. Danielle said, “The most rewarding part of my study abroad experience was traveling to the United Kingdom during a time I believe will go down in history.  Brexit has created a complicated situation for the UK and it was very eye opening to hear and observe the opinions and uncertainty of locals.  Overall, it was a once in a lifetime experience.” Danielle’s advice to students interested in studying abroad would be, “Just do it! There are so many things you get out of studying abroad such as, personal connections, memories and a new outlook on the world.”


Taylor Dohlman

Major: Agricultural Business & International Agriculture • Study Abroad Experience: Prague, Czech Republic

Growing up on a farm, in Chester, Iowa, I always knew I wanted to go into a career in agriculture. Choosing to come to Iowa State and join CALS was an easy decision because of the great support from advisors and professors as well as the amazing job placement rate the college offers.

At Iowa State I am actively involved in the ISU Agricultural Business Club and ISU Bacon Expo. Being in the College of Ag has opened many doors for me, including leadership roles, internships and study abroad opportunities. During my time at Iowa State, I have interned as a Crop Scout at AgVantage in Charles City, Iowa and an Ag/Commercial Lending Intern at First National Bank in Waverly, Iowa.

In the spring of my junior year, I took the opportunity to study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic for the semester. This was an amazing experience for me. It broadened my horizons in several ways and allowed me to grow, both personally and professionally. I was able to travel to several countries across Europe and learn about different cultures and traditions. In Prague, I was enrolled at the University of Economics where I took courses relating to international business, marketing, history and culture, as well as a Czech Language course. Without the support and encouragement of the College of Agriculture at Iowa State, I do not know if I would have had the opportunity or desire to study abroad for a semester and get out of my comfort zone.

My experience at Iowa State University has gone quicker than I could have ever imagined, but I will look back knowing I had a full and enjoyable experience here because I was able to take advantage of opportunities such as studying abroad. 

Ross Cady

Major: Agricultural Business • Study Abroad Experience: Edinburgh and London

Ross Cady, a junior in agricultural business from Tampico, Illinois applied as a freshman to the CALS Study Abroad Brexit Spring Break 2018 program and was accepted. Ross applied for the program with doubts of being accepted as a freshman, but much to his surprise was accepted and committed into the program. Ross returned from the travel course with a new outlook and goal to study abroad in the future. Ross was also a recipient of the Behrens Scholarship for Study Abroad, which made a huge impact on his decision to study abroad, “The scholarships available through the college and CALS Study Abroad Office demonstrate how much value the college sees in helping students become global citizens through study abroad.” Ross is now considering a semester long study abroad program that would allow him to spend more time abroad, giving him the opportunity to become more immersed in a new culture, study and learn from a new system and grow more as an individual. Ross’ advice for students that are considering an opportunity abroad is to, “Just go for it. The application is rather simple to complete and even if you aren’t accepted, there are always other programs available.” Ross is active in his fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho, CALS Ambassadors, Agricultural Business Club and National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA).

Cooper McDermott

Major: Agricultural Business • Study Abroad Experience: Edinburgh and London

Cooper McDermott, a senior in agricultural business from Creston, Iowa traveled for the first time internationally when he participated in the Brexit Spring Break 2018, travel course through the CALS Study Abroad Office. Prior to arriving at Iowa State, Cooper had no intention of studying abroad, but after talking with his academic adviser and peers, he was influenced to give it a try. The most rewarding part for Cooper was, “Touring the farms in Scotland and England. It was neat to see how they operate compared to those in the United States, given the different resources, and to see how our beef genetics in the United States have an effect on operations in a different country and across the world.” Cooper really valued the growth opportunity that he gained from studying abroad and being immersed in another country. Cooper said, “Studying abroad changes your mindset, opening your eyes and mind to new opportunities that you didn’t know were even possible.” While at Iowa State, Cooper is active in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Ambassador Program and just finished up serving as the High School Visits Committee Chair. Previous to being a committee chair, he was a Leadership Team Representative. Cooper was also an Ambassador for the Student Alumni Leadership Council and was just selected to be part of the Senior Class Council for that this coming school year.

ShaDonna Barnes

Major: Industrial Technology  • Study Abroad Experience: Taiwan

ShaDonna Barnes, a senior from Milwaukee, Wisconsin majoring in Industrial Technology participated in the International Industrial/Academic Leadership Experience in Taiwan faculty-led travel course through the CALS Study Abroad Office. This particular travel course is a 3-week course that allows students to stay on the campus of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) in Taiwan. While there, students participate in multi-national and multi-disciplinary team projects, attend lectures, field trips and cultural activities with other students from all over the world. ShaDonna said, “This particular program allowed me to understand that although the other students come from different cultures, religions, social classes and speak different languages, we are all the same; we just come from different places around the world.” Although there were language barriers when working with the students from different countries, ShaDonna appreciated how everyone was able to build upon each other’s different strengths to complete projects and better understand different learning objectives and methods. On a professional level, ShaDonna enjoyed being able to visit different technology industries in Taiwan as they created robots and compared their resources to those used in the United States.  ShaDonna would tell any student that is considering to study abroad to, “be open to learning new things, meeting new people and realize that networking is key in any major.”

Caitlin Crine

Major: Animal Science • Study Abroad Experience: Germany

This May, seventeen CALS students will be heading to Germany with Jill Paxton, animal science lecturer in equine management, on the German Equestrian Program. Mark Weber, agriculture specialist in animal science, will be co-leading the program. This travel course will focus on comparing Germany’s equine system to the U.S.’s, as well as guidelines related to equestrian judging events such as jumpers, eventers, and western all-around horses.

During the program, students will visit Hanoverian National Stud, Westphalia National Stud, German equestrian Federation Headquarters, and Bavarian western performance horse farms. Students will also have cultural visits to Cologne Cathedral, Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and Neuschwanstein Castles.

What many do not know about this program is that it would not have been possible without the motivation and leadership from one student, Caitlin Crine. Caitlin is a senior in Animal Science and has a passion for equine. This passion and her connection with Jill Paxton, helped the Germany Equestrian program become a reality. Check out her interview below to see how this motivated student helped to create this travel course.

Have you ever studied abroad before? Where? I have not studied abroad before. This will be my very first time. I am very excited but also a little scared and nervous. I am turning 23 this year and it will be my very first time going across the world.

As a student, what motivated you to help in the development of a unique travel course program? Jill Paxton, one of our animal science lecturers, and I have gotten really close over the last couple years. She helped me get my horse judging certification and apply for graduate school. During our judging class she would tell us about going to Germany and judging horses over there and show us some awesome pictures. And we were like “Hey Jill, what do you think about going on a trip with us?” I think she really thought it wasn’t going to happen, but we worked on it over the summer and got it all together somehow. It was mostly driven by the motivation from the students and myself.

How did you present your idea to the program director, Jill Paxton, and the CALS Study Abroad Office? What were the steps you took to explore the development of this opportunity? It really helped that Jill has experience judging horses in Germany, and we really wanted to focus on equine with her guided expertise. Jill has a lot of connections, which has been so helpful to be able to contact them during the development of the program. Through those connections, one of the students participating on the program is going to stay afterwards for an internship in Germany. It took us quite a long time to map out where the travel course group would go and what the main points would be.From there Jodi Cornell, program coordinator for CALS Study Abroad, helped us and he answered all of our questions. It was a lot of work to create this program but will be worth it!

Why equestrian and why Germany? While in Germany, we're going to observe their equestrian system (ex. show rules, animal housing, etc.). We are also looking into going to a breeding farm. We really want students to be able to compare and contrast with how we do things here in the US versus how they do things in Germany.

What are you most excited about for this travel course? I am excited for the new experiences and getting to be with good friends while I do it. For me, it is a great graduation present and a great way to wrap up and send off my four years here at Iowa State. I am also looking forward to some good food.

What advice would you give to other students who have a travel course program idea they’d like to propose? Definitely find a professor that you are comfortable with and have a connection with. The reason Jill and I were able to make this program happen is because I was comfortable with her, and we were able to create a whole trip out of the ideas we bounced back and forth.

Celeste Swanson

Major: Agricultural Business and International Agriculture • Study Abroad Experience: Netherlands, Spain, United Arab Emirates, England, Argentina

Celeste Swanson is a senior from Galt, Iowa,  Being from a small town with limited international opportunities, Celeste was appreciative of the chance during her junior year of high school to travel to Switzerland, Italy and France, where she realized that there is much more to the world and gained a love for traveling internationally.

When starting at Iowa State, Celeste wanted to continue experiencing the world and growing personally, so she applied for a study abroad program as a freshman and was accepted. Celeste said, “If I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and apply for a program my freshman year, then I am not sure I would have studied abroad in college, and as a result my four years of college wouldn’t have been as exciting and I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.” Studying abroad has made Celeste a more confident person with a new appreciation for other cultures, mindsets and leadership styles. Celeste also mentioned that her international experiences have given her an edge up when interviewing and applying for internships as she can talk with employers on a higher level with more creditability.

As you can imagine, Celeste is an advocate for studying abroad whether it is talking with friends and classmates about different programs or promoting the CALS Study Abroad Office as a Student Travel Consultant. Celeste would encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and apply for a program. After graduation, Celeste will be working full-time with John Deere and hopes to make a larger impact in international agriculture, working towards the common goal of feeding the world.

“Study abroad has made my college experience more exciting and has given me the skills for a successful future!”

Kritika Chopra

Major: Industrial Technology • Study Abroad Experience: Germany & Uganda

Kritika Chopra, native to India, arrived at Iowa State University in 2015 to study industrial technology. Being an international student, Kritika sometimes found it difficult to interact with other students and make new friends, but after participating in her first study abroad experience she became more confident in talking with other students on the travel course as well as students on campus. Kritika said, “Even though I was usually the only international student, the program directors and other students made a positive impact and made me feel welcome while studying abroad.” During her time at Iowa State, Kritika has participated in a travel course to Germany and a week-long service learning program to Uganda through the CALS Study Abroad Office and looks forward to returning to Uganda this spring (2019) to participate in another service learning program. Kritika feels that studying abroad has not only benefited her in many ways, but has also given her the opportunity to share her cultural background from India with other students while abroad as they compared and contrasted different countries and learned first-hand about a variety of cultures and lifestyles.

While in Uganda, Kritika applied the knowledge and skills she learned about grain quality at Iowa State when working on post-harvest grain storage systems for residents in Kamuli District, Uganda. Kritika looks forward to returning to Uganda this spring to meet-up with old friends, make new friends and work in a new area of service learning to better the lives of the people in rural Uganda.

Jack Pieper

Major: Agronomy and Global Resource Systems • Study Abroad Experience: Brazil

Jack Pieper, a sophomore in Agronomy and Global Resource Systems (GRS) from Mount Pleasant, Iowa experienced the “Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems of Brazil” two-week, faculty-led study abroad program in May 2018.  This was not the first time Jack has spent time abroad, as during the two previous summers, he visited Europe and Costa Rica, respectfully. He heard of the Brazil program through a class he took during the Spring 2018 semester, and immediately became intrigued by the opportunity. While in Brazil, Jack was able to visit a variety of farms, which gave him the opportunity to experience different agricultural systems involving both crops and livestock. He was able to relate this back to previous life experiences, saying he grew up on a farm and enjoyed comparing the diversity between Iowa and Brazil agriculture. “I really loved seeing how the resource systems I learned about in class were implemented in a different environment, and how they impacted the society and its people.” Jack’s favorite part of the program was visiting Iguazu Falls as a way to round out the trip. Jack says his biggest advice for students considering studying abroad, especially with this particular trip is, “Take advantage of these opportunities while you are young. This specific program is targeted toward freshmen and sophomores, and is a great opportunity to experience a new culture early in your college career.”

Stephanie McMillan

Major: Agricultural Communications and Global Resource Systems • Study Abroad Experience: Peru, Uganda & Sweden

Stephanie McMillan, a senior majoring in Agricultural Communications and Global Resource Systems (GRS) from Independence, Iowa recently returned from her third study abroad experience at Iowa State University. Prior to participating in the Spring 2018 travel course, “Exploring Peru: Natural Resources & Local Communities”, Stephanie had spent a summer abroad as an intern in Uganda through the Iowa State University Uganda Program. She worked on projects involving the Nutrition Education Centers (NECs), which included educating and training women and children on the benefits of hygiene and sanitation. Stephanie added, “Studying abroad has totally forced me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to grow independently and adapt to new surroundings and circumstances.” She felt that studying abroad while at Iowa State was a completely different experience than traveling on family vacations because she was able to be totally immersed in the different cultures and participate in unique farm visits leading to collaborative learning experiences and discussions with locals. Stephanie appreciates all of the diverse international opportunities she was able to experience, especially visiting counties with varying economic classifications including, Sweden (higher income), Peru (moderate income) and Uganda (lower income). Studying abroad is also the reason for Stephanie gaining an interest in global perspectives, picking up her second major in GRS and ultimately looking to participate in the Agricultural Safety & Health graduate program at the University of Iowa upon graduation. Check out Stephanie's video testimonial on studying abroad through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,

Amanda Gorzney

Major: Global Resource Systems & Agricultural Communications • Study Abroad Experience: U.S. Virgin Islands

Amanda Gorzney, a sophomore in both Global Resource Systems and Agricultural Communications from Calamus, Iowa participated in her first study abroad program through the CALS Study Abroad Office this past summer in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Her interest in the EARTH Service Learning Program was sparked by her passion to help others and provided her with the opportunity to take a step toward her goals of a global career. During her six week stay, she immersed herself in the culture, learning of the island’s rich heritage that is still present today. Before embarking on the trip, Amanda had not known what to expect from the community, as the group was initially told the locals take a while to open up to visitors. She found this to be somewhat true, but by the end of her stay, she had developed a great relationship with many of the people she worked with every day while making vegetable gardens. Throughout the program, she was reminded of how simple life could be and all of the things we take for granted. “The islands had just been hit with Hurricanes Irma and Maria nine months before our arrival. It was an eye-opening experience to see a community remain so strong and loving after such devastation.” This opportunity has become a major talking point for Amanda, as it stands out on her résumé and pushes her to think outside of the box during classroom discussions. Her advice for students considering studying abroad, “Be open to new experiences and activities. Not everyone comes from the same background as you and you need to respect that.” Along with her travel experience, Amanda is also involved in the International Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle Club, and the Cultural Ambassadors Program.

Rachel Crowley

Major: Food Science & Human Nutrition • Study Abroad Experience: France

Rachel Crowley, a sophomore in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Cascade, Iowa participated in the Summer 2018 travel course, “Cathedrals, Castles, Culture and Cuisine-sustainable, Safe, & Nutritious Food in France”. Prior to participating in this faculty-led travel course, Rachel had limited domestic and no previous international travel experiences. Rachel learned about the study abroad opportunity while participating in Cyclone Scholars, a program for undergraduate students to develop professional skills in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Rachel found the travel course program structure to best fit her limited travel experience. In particular, she enjoyed the pre-departure orientation classes as they helped prepare her for the group’s travel and allowed her to get to know her classmates and enhance her knowledge of France. While abroad, Rachel was able to compare the food storage and preservation methods in France compared to the United States and noticed that there was little food refrigeration and less of a concern about food safety and sanitation when serving or selling foods. On a personal level, she was able to make connections worldwide with upperclassmen, dietetic interns and even businesses on the travel course, allowing her to broaden her horizon about her specific major and learn more about future possibilities in her field of study. Rachel really values the opportunity of being able to travel internationally and the skills learned abroad, she hopes to return someday with friends. 

Connor Bollum

Major: Agricultural Business  • Study Abroad Experience: Greece & Argentina

Connor Bollum, a junior in Agricultural Business from Austin, Minnesota returned last spring from a travel course to Argentina on the topic of agricultural production, business and trade. This is not the first study abroad experience for Connor as he has also completed a travel course to Spain and a semester abroad in Greece at the American Farm School-Perrotis College. During his recent visit to Argentina, Connor appreciated the structure and cultural immersion that comes with a faculty-led travel course as they were able to experience opportunities that most people wouldn’t be given. For example, while in Argentina the group visited the farm of Sergio Lence, ISU Professor in Economics and program director. They were able to interact with Sergio’s family members who are residents to Argentina, while enjoying a native home cooked meal of roasted lamb. Studying abroad for a semester in Greece helped Connor become more independent and confident while conquering situations on his own. He also enjoyed attending classes taught by professors from 4 different continents and unique perspectives. While working as a Student Travel Consultant in the CALS Study Abroad office, Connor can’t express enough on how great of an experience study abroad is for any student considering the opportunity. Aside from studying abroad, Connor is also an active member of the Agricultural Business Club, Agricultural Marketing & Management Organization (AMMO) and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. Connor's Blog.

Bridget Halat

Major: Communications Studies • Study Abroad Experience: Costa Rica & Argentina

Bridget Halat a junior from Genoa, Illinois, majoring in Communications Studies and minoring in International Agriculture and Advertising has participated in several study abroad programs through the CALS Study Abroad Office. Although Bridget had never traveled internationally before and her major isn’t in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, she was persuaded by her friends in the college to apply for a study abroad experience. Bridget first studied abroad to Costa Rica with the Department of Agronomy and enjoyed her experience so much that she added International Agriculture as a minor and applied for a second faculty-led travel course with a focus on agricultural business, production and trade to Argentina this past spring. Through both of her study abroad experiences, Bridget didn’t know anyone in the groups, but found it to be a great opportunity to make new friends and network with her peers and the program directors leading the course. Bridget also feels that she has become a stronger leader as a result of studying abroad and enjoyed being truly immersed in the culture. Studying abroad has also been a topic of conversation at career fairs and interviews as Bridget feels companies are looking for people with global experience and the ability to step out of their comfort zone. During her internship interviews, Bridget felt, “studying abroad helped me standout and showed a difference between myself and the other candidates.” Bridget is the marketing and communications intern this summer for the National Swine Registry in Indiana, but will return this fall and hopes to participate in another faculty-led travel course through the CALS Study Abroad Office. During her time at Iowa State, Bridget is also an active member in Bacon Expo and serves at the President of the Swine Interest Group within the Block and Bridle Club.

Mikayla Dolch

Major: Agriculture and Life Sciences Education & International Agriculture • Study Abroad Experience: Edinburgh and London & Australia

Mikayla Dolch, a senior in Agriculture and Life Sciences Education and International Agriculture from Villisca, Iowa, took the opportunity to go #CALSGlobal this spring break on a travel course to Edinburgh and London to learn more about the economic and political impacts of Brexit. She has always wanted to visit Europe for its historical landmarks, especially the United Kingdom. Mikayla has also previously participated on an agricultural business, production and trade travel course to Australia. With two study abroad experiences under her belt, Mikayla has come to realize how big the world really is and encourages fellow CALS students to study abroad by saying, “there is so much out there to see with only one life to live, so take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.” Studying abroad has helped broaden her horizons and also helped her look at situations from all angles, with an open mind. As a result of her increased global awareness, added International Agriculture as her second major and hopes to pursue a potential career in international affairs after graduation. She noted that her experiences abroad have a place on her resume and have always been a talking point during interviews and at career fairs. Alongside her international involvements, Mikayla has also been active in numerous clubs, including Cardinal Key Honor Society, Agricultural Education Club, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and many others.  Mikayla will be completing her student teaching requirements this fall before graduating from Iowa State University in December.

Austin Pueschel

Major: Agricultural Business • Study Abroad Experiences: United Kingdom & Panama

Austin Pueschel, a senior at Iowa State University majoring in Agricultural Business with a minor in Animal Science, International Agriculture and Public Relations from Sturgis, Michigan looks forward to his new career with the National Swine Registry after graduation. During the interview and hiring process for his new position, Austin accredits his study abroad experience to help him stand out amongst other applicants. As a transfer student, Austin has participated in two travel course programs, the “UK Heritage Livestock” in Scotland and England and also the “Tropical Agricultural Production, International Business, and Trade" in Panama. Austin’s agricultural background in showing swine nationally, along with his interest in agricultural business, prompted him to apply for the two programs with emphasis on livestock and business. When applying for the Panama program, Austin was initially wait-listed, but was later accepted to the program and encourages all students to, “have a back-up if they are not initially accepted for a program of interest.” Austin values his new perspective on life from studying abroad as well as the “personal and professional networks he gained along the way.” Austin is also an active member in the Agricultural Business Club, Block and Bridle Club and Bacon Expo.

Cody Smith

Major: Agriculture and Life Sciences Education & Political Science • Study Abroad Experience: Panama

Cody Smith, past Vice President of the Student Body and a senior from Crawfordsville, Indiana majoring in Agriculture and Life Sciences Education and Political Science went #CALSGlobal while studying abroad on a travel course in Panama focused on the management of agricultural systems for the purposes of natural resource conservation. Cody’s goal while studying abroad was to broaden his horizons and continue to advance his foreign language skills. He did just that. During his time in Panama, Cody and his peers were able to immerse themselves into the culture of the Ngobe people, an indigenous tribe, as the two groups came together to build a shade shelter. The experience of working side-by-side with the Ngobe people and seeing the demonstration of cooperation made Cody realize, “that if other Americans could see this, maybe they wouldn’t be so judgmental and quick to divide people based on appearance or the language they choose to speak.” While in their village, Cody gained the confidence to communicate with the tribe members in Spanish and was able to compare and contrast conservation methods between U.S. farmers and Panamanians. The experience in Panama helped further shape his career goals and put everything he has learned at ISU into perspective. Although financing was a big factor, Cody felt “the experience gained outweighed the cost of the trip” and the offset of scholarships and additional funding secured his decision to study abroad.

Anne Dinges

Major: Agronomy & Global Resource Systems (GRS) • Study Abroad Experience: Costa Rica & Greece

Anne Dinges, a junior in Agronomy and Global Resource Systems (GRS) from Byron, Illinois recently returned from a semester abroad at the American Farm School- Perrotis College in Thessaloniki, Greece. Anne is an active member in the Iowa State University International Agricultural Club and feels her involvement helped better prepare her for her adventures abroad. Aside from a semester abroad in Greece, Anne also participated in the Integrated Management of Tropical Crops, a faculty-led travel course to Costa Rica. Anne enjoyed the structure of a faculty-led travel course, but wanted to expand her horizons and step more out of her comfort zone, so she decided to complete a semester abroad through the CALS Study Abroad office. During her time in Greece, she felt more of a sense of responsibility and independence in decision making, all the while learning to be more flexible as situations arose. Anne enjoyed the friends she made during her time abroad and was surprised that even though there were cultural differences and language barriers, there were still many similarities in interests and conversational topics. Anne’s advice for students considering to study abroad would be, “start small and build up to larger adventures as you gain more confidence.” Anne will continue traveling abroad this summer as she will be visiting Uruguay for her GRS internship. Be sure to check out Anne’s blog from her semester abroad in Greece,

Marcus Jansen

Major: Horticulture • Study Abroad Experience: Ireland & Ecuador

Marcus Jansen, a senior in Horticulture from Quincy, Illinois has been very active during his time at Iowa State University. Aside from being involved in many clubs and organizations including CALS Council, CALS Ambassadors, and Horticulture Club, Marcus also took the opportunity to study abroad. He participated in the “Horticulture and Culture of Ireland” in 2016 and the “Ecology, Culture and Horticulture of the Ecuadorian Andes” to Ecuador last fall. During his study abroad opportunities, Marcus most enjoyed being immersed in the different cultures, visiting popular landmarks and experiencing how different production systems operate around the world. He also values the new outlook he has gained for different parts of the world as he realized that, “you don’t get to break perceived notions until you are there and experience the differences first hand.” As a CALS Ambassador, Marcus encourages all students to consider studying abroad as there are an array of opportunities depending on comfort levels, interests, and time preference.

Rachael Barnes

Major: Biological Systems Engineering & Global Resource Systems • Study Abroad Experience: Uganda

Rachael Barnes, senior in Biological Systems Engineering and Global Resource Systems (GRS) from Bettendorf, Iowa was recently honored as one of twelve "Women Impacting ISU" by the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics. During the summer of 2016, Rachael participated in the Uganda Service Learning Program and returned to Uganda in 2017 for her GRS internship. Rachael had not considered the service-learning program until she was encouraged by a friend. In result to going, she gained an interest in international studies and even added GRS as a second major. Rachael quotes, “Participating in the service-learning program was a hands-on learning experience that helped me realize how I can make a global impact.” She feels that being abroad has allowed her to have a more holistic approach, while being more mindful of different cultures, and looks forward to using these skills in the workforce. “Through study abroad you are able to apply real world experiences to what you learn in the classroom,” reflects Rachael.